Thursday, December 8, 2011

Progress Update

I currently have three projects OTN (on the needles): Criss-Cross Cable Headband, Balck Intercostals, and The Peru Project Lapghan (not yet written about  written about here).

Criss-Cross Cable Headband:
I am about 65% of the way done with this. I like the cabling and the color, but it's a little painful on the joints. Preview pic:

Isn't it pretty? And the yarn is super soft!
Black Intercostal Mitts:
These are slowly coming along. I forgot how slippery the Microspun is on US4 babmboo DPNs!

The Peru Project Lapghan:
I started this project back in the middle of Ocotber. Of the six nine-sectioned squares, I have two complete and I am on the 4th section of the third square.

So that's where I'm at these days. How about you guys? How is your stuff coming along?

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