Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday Surprise for the Bestie

My bestie's birthday is this Saturday. And while she has just requested my presence as her gift, I have decided that she needs to sport one of my knitted creations (not neccessarily one I have designed, just one I have knit). When asked what color she wanted, she said, "Surprise me!" So, surprising her I am.

The pattern of choice is the Criss-Cross Cable Headband by Mari Doroud (Ravelry pattern page, blog pattern page). It requires US8 needles, worsted weight yarn and a button. (NOTE: She also requires a crochet hook to create a loop for the button, but I am opting to knit a button placket.) This should be a rather quick knit for me, taknig no more than 12 hours total knit time.

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