Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pinterest is my ADDICTION. . . literally!

I am so serious about that title. I am addicted. And most of the stuff I pin, I actually do. Well, I should say if it ends up in one of my crafty or food boards, I do it. Some of it I can't do right at this moment because of circumstances preventing one thing or the other, but they will be done at some point in my life.

That being said, I really really really really really like Pinterest. The downturn in the economy caused people to turn back to their roots and figure out how to survive on what they already had. It taught a new generation (and some of us older ones) how to literally recycle everything our grimy little hands came into contact with. No, we didn't turn into a generation of non-bathing-pot smoking-hippies (no offense to you if you are one, I was born in the '80s, so different set of peeps), but we did figure out how to live. And how to give our kids the childhoods they never had. We figured out how to make old clothes like new, how make clothes into heirloom blankets and quilts, and how to make dinner out 2 or 3 simple ingredients. My husband even managed to find new inspiration for tattoos, something he was losing passion for fast. And all this happened because our country was running out of money fast!

I learned to sew on a machine. I learned how to make quilts. I learned how to measure an item and sew something for it. I learned how to take clothes apart and make purses and wallets and skirts. I learned, I learned, I learned, and at the end of the day, I learned.

So what's your story for today? Have you found yourself again? Have you found new ways to spice up the old you or old things in your life? Let me know! I wanna share in your joy, too!