Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Starghan: Lemon Meringue

Many years ago (probably four, closer to five) my hubs dared to make a starghan (an afghan in the shape of a star). He went on to say that he didn't think I would because it involved stitches I had never done, and was thus totally new to me. I set out to prove him wrong, and did it rightly so.

I have decided to revisit this pattern and redo it with summer colors that remind me of pie, well sort of like pie. So Wednesday ended with my fingers wrapped in Banana Berry by Red Heart Yarns from their Super Saver line. The other two colors are Bright Yellow and Aran, both from the same line. I've used an H hook (US8, 5.5mm) in case anyone wants to know. And, if you would like to follow along, here is the link to the pattern: clicky.
Rounds 1-6

Rounds 1-9

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